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Public Review

City Council Review

The City Council will consider approval of the Transit Corridors Plan and Final Environmental Impact Report at February 12, 2013 public hearing.  The staff report with attachments is posted.  Additionally, proposed revisions to the Draft Plan have been posted.

City Council Staff Report (28 MB)

Proposed Revisions to the Draft Plan

Mixed-Use to Res Transition Measures

Planning Commission Review

The Planning Commission reviewed and recommended approval for the Transit Corridors Plan and Final Environmental Impact Report at the November 20, 2012 public hearing.  A video of the public hearing is available on this page via a YouTube link.

The latest changes to the plan, based on public input, City Council and Planning Commission feedback is available as the “Proposed Revisions to Plan – Nov 2012″ file on the right hand column.  It is helpful to look at this short document together with the Transit Corridors Plan.

Environmental Review

Notice of Determination (2/15/13)

The City has completed the environmental review of the proposed Transit Corridors Plan under the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) is available for review by following the link in the right hand column.

This Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) evaluates the potential adverse impacts of the Proposed Transit Corridors Plan. An EIR is intended to inform decision-makers and the general public of the potential significant environmental impacts of a project. The Draft EIR describes existing conditions within the Proposed Transit Corridors Area, analyzes the potential environmental impacts of implementing the Proposed Transit Corridors Plan, and identifies mitigation measures to minimize significant impacts. The Draft EIR also evaluates reasonable alternatives to the Proposed Project, including the “No Project” alternative, which discusses the result of not implementing the Proposed Project and continuing development under existing plans, as described below. This Draft EIR is a program EIR that examines the potential wide-ranging effects resulting from implementation of Transit Corridors Plan policies. Any future development project will be subject to individual, site-specific environmental review, as required by State Law.

How does the Plan Approval process proceed?

Once the environmental review is complete, the Planning Commission and City Council will consider approval of the Transit Corridors Plan and Final EIR. Because the Plan proposes to allow buildings taller than three stories or 50 feet, as well as above ground parking structures within the Transit Corridors Area, approval by a majority of San Bruno voters is required in accordance with Ordinance 1284. If the City Council approves the Plan, this election is expected to occur in November 2012.

When will the Plan be complete?

Development of the Draft Transit Corridors plan is complete.  Work began in October 2008, and the City Council is expected to review the Plan in mid-2012. The Steering Committee completed its work in August 2010, including review and input on the full draft version of the plan. Staff has compiled public comments from community workshops, farmer’s markets and public meetings. The Planning Commission and City Council will consider the Plan for approval after completion of the environmental review.

To check out the Plan, please review the documents, maps and exhibits in the “Read It” page of this website, at the San Bruno Public Library, or call a staff member with questions. The meeting dates will be posted on this website.