Steering Committee

Project Team

The Steering Committee for the San Bruno Downtown and Transit Corridors Plan comprises City Council members and aims to direct the development of the Specific Plan.

The Downtown and Transit Corridors Plan has been managed by the City of San Bruno and  informed by the participation of community members like you. The City hired a consultant team, MIG, Inc., to assist with public involvement during the planning process and provide an opportunity for the community-at-large to participate in a “hands-on” way during the visioning effort.  Additionally, the City created a diverse Steering Committee with City Council members, Downtown business owners, employers, youth and local residents. The Steering Committee provided input and direction throughout this planning process.

City of San Bruno

David Woltering Community Development Director
Mark Sullivan Long-Range Planning Manager
Laura Russell Senior Planner
Matthew Neuebaumer Associate Planner
Shauna Williams Community Development Technician II

Steering Committee

Ken Ibarra City Council Member
Jim Ruane City Council Member
Sujendra Mishra Planning Commissioner
Kevin Chase Planning Commissioner
Christine Maley-Grubl Bayhill
Mike Kharsa Business Owner
John Kolbisen Business Owner
Laura Baughman Chamber of Commerce
Bruce Russell Developer
Joe Welch Jr. Property Owner
Kim Cranston Property Owner
Bob George San Bruno Resident
Robert Riechel San Bruno Resident
Christian Lopez San Bruno Resident (youth)
Andrew Hudacek Developer
Pat Nielsen Bayhill (San Bruno resident)
Corinne Goodrich Samtrans


Chris Beynon Principal
Anchi Mei Project Manager
Yvonne Hung Project Associate


EPSEconomic Jason Moody & Eileen Tumalad
Fehr & Peers Transportation and Parking Matt Haynes & Franciska Church
Mark Thomas & Co. Infrastructure Brad Leveen & Andrew Sekioka