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Being a property owner within the Transit Corridors Plan area

Since the Transit Corridors Plan Question and Answer flyer that was mailed a week ago, the Planning Division has received many calls and personal visits at City Hall.  The interaction between residents and staff has been excellent and we really appreciate your interest in the Transit Corridors Plan!

One of the most common questions from residents and property owners has been whether this plan allows for Eminent Domain or property takings.  Eminent Domain IS NOT proposed under the Transit Corridors Plan (TCP).  The TCP is simply a zoning change to allow property owners to have a mix of commercial space and housing IF they chose to do so.  Any new project proposal will be reviewed through a public process and residents will always have an opportunity to provide feedback on a proposed project.  But the City does not intend to take ownership of any properties within or outside of the Transit Corridors plan through an eminent domain process.

One of the reasons this has been a popular question is because the Transit Corridors Plan area overlaps the downtown area that was originally a Redevelopment Project Area.  Under redevelopment law, eminent domain was possible.  The City has never exercised eminent domain, however.  Furthermore, redevelopment agencies and redevelopment project areas no longer exist under current state law, which eliminated all redevelopment agencies in California this year.

City staff apologizes for not making this clearer in the TCP Question and Answer and encourages any resident to call us or come by with questions.

Stay tuned until next time!

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