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Housing for the Future

Housing Element Update (2014-2022)

The City of San Bruno is in the process of updating its Housing Element of the General Plan as required by State housing law. State law requires each city and county to update the housing element approximately every five years, subject to detailed statutory requirements and mandatory review by a State agency (Department of Housing and Community Development). The planning period for the updated Housing Element is 2014-2022.

The Housing Element addresses housing issues in the City such as affordability, design, housing types, density and location. It includes a summary of past trends and future projections, the status of the City’s existing housing stock and opportunities for the development of new housing. The Housing Element describes how the City will meet projected housing needs, including its “fair share” of the regional housing need, and identifies adequate housing sites to accommodate these units.

San Bruno’s 2009-2014 Housing Element was adopted by the City Council on March 23, 2010. The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) certified the Housing Element on June 15, 2010.

“Fair Share” of Regional Housing Need

San Bruno’s fair share of the regional housing need for 2007-2014 is 973 units. The City’s fair share was developed in a collaborative process with all 21 jurisdictions in San Mateo County, based on employment, proximity to transit and other regional and local factors. HCD provided a projection of the number of housing units needed to accommodate California’s forecast population growth through 2014 for each region in the state. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) then provided the County with its total share of the regional, which was in turn distributed to each local community.

Public Review

The City hosted a number of meetings to discuss development of the Housing Element, including a Housing Element Open House, study sessions with the City Council and Planning Commission, meetings with housing stakeholders, service providers and affordable housing developers, as well as ongoing discussions of housing as part of the Transit Corridors Specific Plan process.