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Housing Element Update (2014-2022)

The City of San Bruno is in the process of updating its Housing Element of the General Plan as required by State housing law. State law requires each city and county to update the housing element approximately every five years, subject to detailed statutory requirements and mandatory review by a State agency (Department of Housing and Community Development). The planning period for the updated Housing Element is 2014-2022.

*Update* First Six Months of the Transit Corridors Plan

The City Council approved the Transit Corridors Plan in February 2013 and the Plan guidelines and policies are now the legal basis for evaluating the design of individual development projects within the Transit Corridors Area.  However, several additional actions are necessary to fully implement the Transit Corridors Plan. The two most important future actions will be to complete the update of the City’s zoning code and provide San Bruno residents with the opportunity to decide whether to allow taller buildings within the Transit Corridors Area. The new zoning code will provide a comprehensive update of development regulations, including defining standards for mixed use development and revising parking rules within the Transit Corridors Area based on best practices for transit oriented development. The City Council has directed staff to explore options for a public vote … READ MORE

*Update* City Council APPROVES the Transit Corridors Plan on 2/12/13

The City Council has approved the Transit Corridors Plan and associated environmental review.  Additionally, the City Council has directed staff to begin work necessary to set a public vote in November 2013 to exceed the current height limits under Ordinance 1284.  A formal authorization for the vote will be necessary by the City Council.  More information to come soon… ————- On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, the City Council will hold a public hearing to review the Transit Corridors Plan (TCP), Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and proposed General Plan amendments. The meeting will be at 7:00 pm at the Senior Center, located at 1555 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno.  The staff report and related documents for the City Council meeting will … READ MORE

Transit Corridors Plan Open House on January 7, 2013

Join City staff to discuss the Transit Corridors Plan and any questions that you might have.  This is an open house and staff will be available to speak from 6 PM until 8 PM. If you have questions and can’t attend, call us at (650) 616-7074.  Thanks!